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Heart-Brain Connection design paper published

oktober 11th, 2017|

Heart Brain Connection design paper was published today. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: The Heart-Brain Study investigates relationships between (cardio-)vascular factors, the hemodynamic status of the heart and the brain, and cognitive impairment. By studying the complete heart-brain axis in patient groups that represent components of this axis, we have the opportunity to assess a combination

oktober 2016

HBC Teaching sessions/pre-conference @ VASCOG

oktober 12th, 2016|

HBC organised masterclasses for the preconference at VASCOG. HBC's postdocs and PhD students took the opportunity to meet up! The International VASCOG 2016 (www.vascog2016.nl) is the main international scientific congress related to the vascular contribution to neurodegeneration. VASCOG will take place in Amsterdam from 13-15 October 2016, which will have a main session on the heart-brain connection

Heart-Brain Connection pilot analysis successful

oktober 7th, 2016|

Introduction The Heart-Brain Connection is a multicenter study assessing a wide range of parameters of cardiovascular, hemodynamic, and cognitive functioning. The aim of this pilot analysis is to show that we are able to bring together imaging and non-imaging data from four sites, using multiple centralized platforms, and to run statistical analyses. We examined (for

november 2015

HBC Out of the Box 2015

november 23rd, 2015|

The HBC consortium cordially invites you to apply for the Out-of-the-box call 2015. The CVON HBC Out of the Box call is open for applications from young, talented researchers (max. age 35 years at deadline for submission) The subject of your proposal should be within or complementary to the HBC consortium. Programme details. Maximum grant

juli 2015

Simon Stevin Meester voor Wiro Niessen

juli 8th, 2015|

Technologiestichting STW kent de titel Simon Stevin Meester 2015 toe aan prof.dr. Wiro Niessen, hoogleraar Medische Beeldverwerking aan het Erasmus MC en de TU Delft. Aan de prijs is een bedrag van 500.000 euro verbonden. De Simon Stevin Meester-prijs is de grootste prijs voor technisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek in Nederland. Niessen neemt de prijs in ontvangst op

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